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We understand that sometimes you need to put your ideas into motion to get the design just right. That’s why we’ve come up with a way to put your innovation to the test. We offer a line of pre-ground tires in various sizes and durometers to choose from. They are easy to assemble to your existing shaft. Once you’ve proven out your design, call us to order production or prototype parts made complete to print.
We will work with you throughout the development process to bring your concept from plan to product launch, and will take on the work of assembly and grinding to the finished dimensions.

Don’t see the size you’re looking for, or want a different product to play with? Contact us or send a sample request.

Ready to go to the next level? Contact us for a quote of your finished design.

Part NumberODFor shaft diam.DurometerPrice EAWidth (Imperial)Qty (1-500)Total price

Widths to be 1” or less. Please specify at time of order. All tires are urethane material. Inner layer is 80 Shore D. $100 PO min applies.


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